While dash cams are gaining in popularity in many parts of Asia, Europe (particularly UK, France and Russia), Australia and the US, they are forbidden by law in Austria,where they carry heavy fines. In Switzerland, their use is strongly discouraged in public space as they may contravene data protection principles. In Germany, while small cameras for personal use in vehicles are allowed, posting footage from them on social-media sites is considered a violation of privacy and thus forbidden. Dashcam footage may only be used in exceptional cases as evidence in a German court. In Luxembourg, it is not illegal to possess a dashcam but it is illegal to use one to capture videos or still images in a public place (which includes in a vehicle on a public road). Recording using a dashcam may result in a fine or imprisonment. In Australia recording on public roadways is allowed as long as the recording does not infringe upon one's personal privacy in a way that may be deemed inappropriate in a court of law.

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